Brand Story
This logo design is a combination of MERIT and roof. we put the roof on MERIT to express the meaning of being protected from wind and rain.
这个是由MERIT和屋顶结合而成的LOGO设计, 我们把屋顶设计在MERIT的上面是为了表达被保护的意思, 进而表达它能为我们遮风挡雨的概念
This design adopts multiple elements. Overall, we presented in a simplified way to bring out the feeling of HIGH END. The head of the lion was designed with G and the lion was used as a mark to express the authority and status of this product. The crown combined with the roof directly express the position in this industry.
这个设计采用了多元素,整体我们以简化的方式来呈现进而带出HIGH END的感觉,狮子的头是利用G来设计 的而用狮子作为标记是为了表达这产品的权威与地位, 王冠结合屋顶更直接表达了我们在这行的地位

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